St. Augustine History

St. Augustine is one of the most historically significant locations in the whole of Florida. As Florida’s very first coastal town, it is home to historical attractions, as well as beaches that make it a popular tourist destination for people of all tastes and styles. Many people find that it is the ideal location for rediscovering what they already know about the great state of Florida.

St. Augustine is revered as a gateway through time to discover the furthest history of Florida, as well as America’s very oldest community. It is a tribute to its full history and proud past. Having survived over 430 years, it boasts as the oldest city in the United States. In North American terms, St. Augustine is an ancient city, founded 42 years before even Jamestown was colonized by England, and 55 years before Plymouth Rock saw its pilgrims.

Now you can take part in the exploration of this fine history, as – beginning in the 1950’s – St. Augustine, Florida has placed notable efforts on restoring and preserving many of its historical structures. This has accomplished a living history among the remains and the structures which continue to exist from each of its fulfilling centuries; these include everything from a seventeenth century fortress, to many eighteenth-century buildings that give a strong feel for their periods.

Moreover, structures can be seen from more recent history, which include the giant, sprawling architectural structures from the nineteenth century, from the Gilded Age of Henry Flagler, which brought about hotels and railroads, which continue to stand in all of their previous glory.

To take a break from this great rediscovery of the history of Florida, and of America itself, St. Augustine offers many shops through which you can stroll at a leisurely pace, as well as beaches that are always waiting nearby for you to relax, reflect, and simply enjoy yourself.

St. Augustine offers you many great ways of traveling around the different sites that it has to discover. It all depends on your budget, and what kind of transportation you enjoy. There are tram-style tours offered, which will provide you with a basic history as you travel from major attraction, to major attraction – including great shopping and restaurant locations. Moreover, if you’re the romantic type, and you’re willing to shell out a bit more, your preference may turn to a turn-of-the-century horse and carriage ride, starting at the waterfront, and working its way through town. You can also try a pedicab, rent a bicycle, scooter or moped, or even rent an electric car; the latest in environmentally friendly technology that is perfect for the size, pace, and style of St. Augustine.

If you want to test your sea legs, try a relaxing scenic cruise of the surrounding waters around St. Augustine, where you’ll witness an entirely different perspective of the historic scenes, and abundant waterfront landmarks, as well as fascinating native wildlife. Have your camera ready, because you will want to remember these scenes forever.

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