St. Augustine is one of the most historically significant locations in the whole of Florida. As Florida’s very first coastal town, it is home to historical attractions, as well as beaches that make it a popular tourist destination for people of all tastes and styles. Many people find that it is the ideal location for rediscovering what they already know about the great state of Florida.

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St. Augustine is revered as a gateway through time to discover the furthest history of Florida, as well as America’s very oldest community. It is a tribute to its full history and proud past. Having survived over 430 years, it boasts as the oldest city in the United States. In North American terms, St. Augustine is an ancient city, founded 42 years before even Jamestown was colonized by England, and 55 years before Plymouth Rock saw its pilgrims.

Now you can take part in the exploration of this fine history, as – beginning in the 1950’s – St. Augustine, Florida has placed notable efforts on restoring and preserving many of its historical structures. This has accomplished a living history among the remains and the structures which continue to exist from each of its fulfilling centuries; these include everything from a seventeenth century fortress, to many eighteenth-century buildings that give a strong feel for their periods.

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Moreover, structures can be seen from more recent history, which include the giant, sprawling architectural structures from the nineteenth century, from the Gilded Age of Henry Flagler, which brought about hotels and railroads, which continue to stand in all of their previous glory.

To take a break from this great rediscovery of the history of Florida, and of America itself, St. Augustine offers many shops through which you can stroll at a leisurely pace, as well as beaches that are always waiting nearby for you to relax, reflect, and simply enjoy yourself.

St. Augustine offers you many great ways of traveling around the different sites that it has to discover. It all depends on your budget, and what kind of transportation you enjoy. There are tram-style tours offered, which will provide you with a basic history as you travel from major attraction, to major attraction – including great shopping and restaurant locations. Moreover, if you?re the romantic type, and you are willing to shell out a bit more, your preference may turn to a turn-of-the-century horse and carriage ride, starting at the waterfront, and working its way through town. You can also try a pedicab, rent a bicycle, scooter or moped, or even rent an electric car; the latest in environmentally friendly technology that is perfect for the size, pace, and style of St. Augustine.

If you want to test your sea legs, try a relaxing scenic cruise of the surrounding waters around St. Augustine, where you?ll witness an entirely different perspective of the historic scenes, and abundant waterfront landmarks, as well as fascinating native wildlife. Have your camera ready, because you will want to remember these scenes forever.

St Augustine Events

Join in the Fun Annual Events in St. Augustine

There are various destinations all over the world that have many fun and annual festivals that happen throughout the course of a year. St. Augustine is known for a number of festivals that draws thousands of tourists from all over the world each year. Due to the fact that they host so many annual events, you have the opportunity to experience as many as you wish.

If you plan on attending any of St. Augustine?s festivals, you will want to make sure that you know the date of these events, and plan your vacation in advance so you will have a place to stay. Many special accommodations are made for these annual events, so you will be able to conveniently enjoy the activities that each festival offers.

Some of the annual festivals that St. Augustine hosts throughout the year include:

Beach Bash – This is an event that is held every June, and is great fun for the whole family. A scavenger hunt takes place in the early morning, and then a contest is held in the afternoon for the best sand castle creation. There are a number of prizes that you can win; and you can enjoy the rest of your day biking or walking the trails or relaxing on the sandy beach.

Crawfish Festival – If you are looking to experience some Cajun fun, then the Crawfish Festival is for you. During this event you will experience great tasting Cajun food, Cajun music, eating contests, a pageant that crowns a Queen Miss Crawfish, a variety of arts and crafts, rides for kids, skydivers and even dance contests. It is a perfect event for every family member.

St. Augustine’s Birthday ?- Each year the people of St. Augustine pay tribute to the founding of their beautiful city that took place on September 8, 1565. It is the oldest city in the United States to be settled by Europeans. This special festival is a day celebration that offers its visitors to join in the festivities that begin with a mass held in the city?s honor; and then moves to the Plaza de la Constitucion. It is here that Happy Birthday is sung and everyone in attendance is invited to have a scrumptious piece of cake.

San Sebastian Art and Jazz  – This is an annual event that is greatly enjoyed by adults. At this festival guests are invited to San Sebastian Winery where they will here over 40 different artists show their work. A variety of Jazz music is played throughout the entire festival, and there are many wine tours, taste testing and great food.

There are many other great annual events that are held in St. Augustine and some of these include Cathedral Festival, Christmas Parade, Earth and Spirit Festival, First Friday Art Walks, Grande Illumination, Greek Festival, Nights of Lights, Lincolnville Festival, Relay for Life, Red With and Boom, Seafood Festival, Lion?s Club and Summer Sizzler.

No matter what time of year you travel to St. Augustine, you can be sure that you will be able to attend one of their many great festivals. Take a romantic trip or bring the whole family along, and have the time of your life in St. Augustine.

St Augustine Restaurants

Delicious Dining in St. Augustine

People travel for many reasons. Some travel for the relaxation, some travel for the festivals and events, and some travel for the food. St. Augustine, Florida offers its visitors fantastic accommodations, a variety of festivals and attractions, and some of the best tasting food in the world.

St. Augustine is home to some of the best restaurants in Florida. There are a number of restaurants that you can choose from, and a variety of different cuisines. You can choose dishes of fresh seafood, Italian, Asian, French, Continental and authentic Florida delicacies. You will discover that some of the restaurants are small and quaint, casual, semi-formal or elegant; but no matter where you choose to dine, you can be certain that you will be served with the best hospitality and greeted with the taste of exquisite food.

Seafood is the number one choice for many visitors who travel to St. Augustine. You can select a variety of fresh seafood dishes such as lobster, shrimp, clams, oysters, conch, fish, mussels and crab. The vast majority of these restaurants that specialize in the fresh seafood dishes are located on the stunning waterfront; so you can enjoy the spectacular view of the water while you enjoy your amazing tasting seafood.

These are some of the delectable restaurants that you can find during your visit to St. Augustine:

La Pentola – Located in historic downtown, La Pentola is a beautiful little restaurant that provides its guests with a menu that suggests seafood, wild game, prime steaks, salads, pasta and delicious desserts that are homemade. La Pentola is also known for its scrumptious brunches.

Le Pavillon – This restaurant is located in a quaint and cozy beautiful old house in historic downtown and it serves a classic gourmet cuisine. You can order Filet Mignon, Veal, Lamb, Seafood and delicious crepes. This is a great restaurant if you are looking for a lovely romantic evening.

Outback Crab Shack – If you want to experience authentic Florida tastes, then this is the restaurant you will want to visit. You can enjoy a variety of seafood, steaks, burgers, chicken, as well as boiled kettle dinners and fried alligator tail. You can even watch the local live Alligators while you eat their friend?s tails.

There are many more restaurants that you will find located in and around St. Augustine, and some of these include Lucky Garden Chinese Restaurant,  Salt Water Cowboy, and South Beach Grill.

Don’t miss out on the many dining choices that are available to you on your stay at St. Augustine. Enjoy a variety of tastes and fall in love with the many different cuisines that you never knew existed.

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